Wide Leg Pants

There are certain pieces I can always rely on to make me feel fabulous automatically. Wide leg pants are one of them. Whether they're plain or printed, they scream, "look at me! I'm cute!" Or at least that's what I hear.

I paired my look at me pants with a white crop top. The weather was unusually warm (hot actually), so a sleeveless top was the way to go. Crochet details and fraying make this top super feminine. I added a pink jacket for pop of color purposes & Spring vibes. Plus, I never know when the weather will switch up on me and I hate being cold. 

I've always been a fan of hair accessories. I used to wear headbands, but it's hard for me to wear one now without feeling 12. Scarves and braid cuffs are my current go-to's. Cuffs are perfect because they elevate your hair style with minimal effort. See other cute & easy ways to accessorize your hair here!

This was my first time visiting Rawlings Conservatory. You guys, it was heart eyes at every turn! I honed my limited photography skills to try to do the scenery some justice. Check em out below.


Top: Marshalls 

Pants: Forever 21

Jacket: Shop Ten

Bracelet: H&M