Valtentine's Day

Valentine's Day is almost here! Yes, it's a "Hallmark Holiday". Yes,  we can have flowers and chocolate any day. But do we love a reason to get glammed up and go out? Yes! Duh. Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to get cute and hang out with your guy or girls...or you could rebuke it all and stay home. You + Couch + Netflix = Love. Always.

Valentine's Day Topshop Pink Dress 1
Valentine's Day Topshop Pink Dress 2

If you do plan on leaving your couch to celebrate, you'll want to finalize your outfit soon. Nothing's worse than staring at your closet waiting for the perfect thing to jump out at you. It never happens. You'll try on everything you own, hate it, and throw it on the floor. Then you'll stare at the pile wondering why your closet sucks. Or at least that's what happens to me haha. We don't want that kind of stress in our lives, so lets narrow down our options. 

Valentine's Day Topshop Pink Dress 3

There are  many routes to choose from for Vday fits, sexy being the most obvious. You could also consider the girly route, the alt edgy route, or the I'm-just-here-for-the-drinks-t-shirt-and-jeans route. However you choose to dress, you want to feel comfortable and confident. 

Valentine's Day Topshop Pink Dress 4

I felt both when I tried on this dress from Top Shop. I fell in love with the cutouts instantly. Plus the soft pink color felt perfect for Valentine's Day. It's cute enough for the holiday, but simple enough to be re-purposed for other events! Win-win. 

Valentine's Day Topshop Pink Dress 5

Are you going out or staying in this Valentine's Day? Whatever you choose to do on Love Day, make sure you show some love to yourself, because self love is the best love. 

Until next time ❤

Photography: Mom, thanks for sneaking into cool rooms with me. You da best.