Velvet & Fringe

I'm all about affordable fashion, so it should be no surprise that this outfit was thrifted. The beautiful thing about thrift shops is what's old can be new again. Fashion is a cycle. Things go out of style, reinvent, then pop right back up again. 


This outfit is completely made of recurring trends. If you follow fashion, even a little bit, you know velvet is having a moment again. A huge moment. Velvet shoes, skirts, dresses, shirts, etc. Anything you could ever want to wear is in velvet right now. Underwear? Yes, that too. 


Chokers! You know how I feel about them. I will not be a broken record. (In case you don't know, I love them more than naps and I really love naps) 

Fringe is a tricky one. It's come around a few times, but isn't always easy to adapt. If you're not careful, you can end up resembling someone's grandmother at bingo night. If done right, your outfit will have a cute statement piece that does all the talking for you. 

All black isn't necessarily a trend, but it's a classic way to look cool and put together. It's hard to go wrong with all black...unless you plan on running into Anna Wintour. After reading Tales From The Back Row, I learned she's not a fan. Since most of us won't be in her majesty's presence, go for it! 

I don't think buns will ever go out of style. There are literally millions of styles. Want your hair out of your face? Bun it. Twist out didn't turn out right? Bun it. Bad hair day? Bun it. Feeling lazy? Bun it. You can dress buns down or dress them up and feel like a Disney princess. 

I'll be doing a post on buns soon, so look out for that! Are you wearing velvet or any other recurring trends? Let me know in the comments below!

Photography: Thanks, Mom :)