Twisted Tresses

Curly hair can be challenging. Tangles, frizz, shrinkage...the list goes on and on. Tackling these challenges can be time consuming. I've found that incorporating a twist or two into my style quickly creates a more polished look. Sooo I'm bringing you 5 super easy styles! Each of these can be done in 10 minutes or less. If you have straight hair, these styles will work for you too! 

5 Styles, 10 Minutes

Let's get started! 



Half Twist:

This style is the easiest of them all and is definitely my go to when I'm in a hurry. 

  1. Simply choose which side you want your part on, leaving more hair on one side.
  2. Take the side with less hair and flat twist it around your hairline and to the back. 
  3. Secure the twist with a pin. 

Side twist:

This style is perfect for showing off statement earrings. 

  1. Follow the same steps above for the half twist, but take your twist all the way around, following the nape of your neck.. 
  2. Secure your twist with hair pins. 

Front Twists: 

This is a quick & easy way to style your hair when you want to leave it out, but don't want it in your face. 

  1. Part your hair & do flat twists on both sides of the part. Twist each piece all the way to the end of your strand.
  2. Place the ends of your twists so that they meet in the middle. 
  3. Secure with hair pins. 


Twisted Bun: 

Updos aren't exclusive to straight hair. Load up on hair pins and you can easily create an elegant style with your natural texture. 

  1. Follow the same steps above for the front twists. 
  2. Gather all of your hair into a hair tie. 
  3. Separate a small amount of hair from the top portion of your ponytail & pin it out of the way for later. 
  4. Take the remainder of your hair and put it into a bun. The style of your bun can vary, but I went with the tuck and roll method. 
  5. Be sure to use lots of pins so your bun is secure. 
  6. Take the section of hair you pinned away earlier and twist it around the top of your bun. This adds dimension to your style and covers the hair tie. 
  7. Tuck your top twist into your bun and pin the ends. 


Two Twist Buns:

This is a very popular style right now. It's really cute and easy to do. 

  1. Figure out how much hair on the bottom you want to leave out. Use a hair tie to separate it from the top so it's out of your way. 
  2. Divide your top section into two. 
  3. Do a flat twist on both sides of your part. Be sure to angle them in a diagonal direction so they lead to your buns. Secure each twist with a pin. 
  4. Put both of your divided sections into a ponytail. Do your best to make sure they are are evenly aligned. 
  5. Tuck each section into a bun (I rolled my hair forward) and secure with hair pins. 
  6. Release your bottom section of hair.  

Pretty easy right? Next time you're in a hurry, these quick styles will help you get out the door a little faster.