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I know I mentioned feeling like a princess before, but now I really, really mean it. 2Live2Love's skirts seem to have that effect on people. It is no surprise so many women wear them for wedding photos and events. What might be a surprise is that 2Live2Love is a Baltimore based company! Yes, all this gorgeousness is designed and handmade right here in Baltimore.  

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Keisha is the creative force behind 2Live2 Love, a company specializing in tulle skirts, T-shirts, bridal pieces, and more. Honing the sewing skills passed on from her mother and great grandmother, Keisha creates stunning tulle skirts for every occasion. 

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"Most of my skirts and pants have elastic waistbands. The signature feature began as a result of a lost zipper foot for my sewing machine. I now love working with elastic because it is forgiving. You gain a pound or loose a pound it sticks right with you, like a best friend." 

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"My love of tulle grew with time. It is such an unassuming fabric on its own, but is beautifully transformed when multiplied. Combining the forgiving nature of elastic with the beauty of tulle is magic."

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You can find Keisha all over social media. Click below for direct links. 



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Photography: Mom, thank you for taking these photos, and for lighting the smoke sticks, and for making sure nothing caught on fire, and for being the absolute best.