Little Black Dress

Little black dresses are classic and versatile and essential and perfect and will never get old and this is a run on sentence. To sum it all up: little black dresses are everything. This particular little black dress has cut out shoulders and velvet details, so it's everything and more

The loose body and spacious sleeves make this Top Shop dress super comfortable to wear. Plus the flowy silhouette leaves ample room for food babies. I'm having twins like Beyonce. 

Tassel earrings hold a special place in my heart. They make a bold statement while looking elegant. I found these on sale for just $2! Shout out to Charlotte Russe. To round out my accessories, I added a hair clip on the side to compliment the earrings' crystals. 

This feminine look is perfect for date night or going out for a nice dinner. 

Photography: Thanks, Mom!