Feeling Grey

The color grey has a terrible reputation. It's commonly associated with sadness and gloom, while other colors like yellow get labeled bright and happy. I can't argue that grey is bright, but I can argue about that "sad" part. Grey is actually a happy color for me.  

I'm happy in/around grey because it's my comfort color. Any shade of grey and any type of clothing will do. Sweatpants, shirts, you name it, I'm cuddling in it. 

Tobi Grey Look 1

Thanks to my friends at Tobi, I'm sharing how I wear my comfort color from day to night/ casual to formal. My casual day look plays with different shades of grey. 

The curved hem of this skirt won me over.  I paired it with a slouchy tank and layered choker to keep this look cute, casual and comfortable. 

Moving from day to night, we're spicing up the grey theme with a little glitter. I. Love. This. Dress. It's flirty without doing too much. 

Tobi Grey Look 3

 I love the hem, I love the slit front, I love the open shoulders, I love the flowy silhouette, I love everything.

This look is perfect for a party or a really nice date night. 

Click the links below for my fab dress and cute skirt!

Which look is your favorite? What's your comfort color?

Photography: Thanks, Mom!