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Friday was grey and rainy, but my day brightened up as soon as I entered The Babe Spa.

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The Babe Spa is part relaxation and part transformation. LaDonna & Felicia greeted me with big smiles, calming music played in the background, and I snuggled into one of their plush couches. Relaxation? Check. The Babe Spa specializes in professional products and tailored services to meet their client's needs and highlight natural beauty. Transformation? Check. 

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I was excited to learn more about the girl boss behind The Babe Spa.  LaDonna worked in the beauty industry for 10 years. She had a full time job, but was ready to start her own business. Being an entrepreneur is all about the hustle, so she hustled. LaDonna juggled her job and her dream. She traveled to clients on weekends and evenings after work. Eventually she was able to open her own spa. It's inspiring to see how her dedication payed off!

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She now has a chic spa with a full range of services. Services include: 

  • Makeup
  • Lashes (extension, tint, lift)
  • Eyebrows (3D building and microblading) 
  • Facials/ Peels/ Lifts
  • Body Services (coming soon) 
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Such a great range right? I chose to get a much needed facial. Saying I have problematic skin is an understatement. I battle with acne and the annoying scars acne leaves behind. LaDonna gave me a great mix of services during my facial to cater to both issues. You guys, I was so relaxed. Sometime during the scrubs/masks/steaming, I sunk into the chair and never wanted to leave. Seriously. I was too relaxed to move haha.

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LaDonna didn't rush me and eventually I got up to peek in the mirror. I was surprised to notice a difference right away. My skin felt cleaner and had more of a glow than before. 

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After loving my results, I sat down with LaDonna to get some tips. She recommends a monthly facial, but knows everyone doesn't have that luxury. For those who can't make it to the spa, she recommends getting prescribed products instead of relying on drugstore products. Your home skin care arsenal should include a regular cleanser, deep cleanser, toner and exfoliator. It's also super important to have a moisturizer with spf. 

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I was happy with my results and will definitely book another appointment soon. I hope you'll stop by The Babe Spa!

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Located at 57 West Timonium Road
Suite #105, Baltimore, MD, 21093 


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