Amazing Deals With Shop Ten

I'm all about affordable shopping, so when I find a good deal, I have to share it. If you haven't heard about Ten events yet, let me introduce you. This event has become one of my favorite places to shop. Kesha, creator of Ten, finds unbelievable sales at department stores, gathers them together and throws a party. 

There's so much to love about Ten events. Lets go down the list. 


Kesha does a great job of creating a space that feels fabulous and welcoming. There's always friendly group of shoppers and music playing. Plus Kesha checks on you and offers helpful suggestions.   


What do I love more than clothes? Food. Shop Ten events are always stocked with treats and drinks so you can snack while you shop. I'm obsessed with this cheesecake. The tray empties, then magically fills back up again lol. 


Last, but definitely not least. I always get unbelievable deals at Shop Ten. I'm talking $10 tops and $12 dresses from department stores like Macys and Sears. Ten offers a wide range of sizes, plus included. Items include children's apparel, women's apparel, shoes, and accessories. Merchandise is always cute and on trend. 

With all the dancing, eating, and shopping, I always have a great time at Shop Ten. Will I see you at the next shopping party? Subscribe to Ten so you don't miss out!