Ruffles & Red

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According to our calendars, Fall has arrived. According to our forecast...not so much. We're still in the 80s in Baltimore and showing no signs of cooling off.  I took advantage of our extended Summer temperatures and wore this off the shoulder, ruffled dress. This roomy dress gets an A for comfort and an A+ for drama. I mean, do you see these layered ruffles? Love! I'm also loving this color. 

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I don't have a lot of red in my closet, but I always feel great when I'm wearing it. Not  many colors rival red when it comes to attention grabbing. Red is known as a high energy color symbolizing power, strength, and sometimes danger. It's interesting how colors can represent who we are. What color do you wear most often? I'm exploring commonly worn colors and what they mean below, so keep scrolling! 


Lets start with black, the most mysterious color we can wear. The great thing about black is its flexibility. Whether your destination is a party, a funeral, a mall, or a date, you can go there in black.

What it means: People who wear a lot of black give off a mysterious vibe (even if they really aren't). Many minimalists and artists find comfort in wearing this color.  While it represents darkness, it's also known for chic and effortless style. 

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What's a wardrobe without classic denim? 

What it means: Reminding us of the ocean and the sky, this cool tone color is known for it's calming effects. Those who favor blue pieces tend to be seekers of serenity and harmony. 

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Like the sun, yellow is all about energy. It's bright (duh) and unapologetically in your face. 

What it means: Those who wear lots of yellow usually have bubbly, bold, and carefree personalities. 

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No other color captures femininity quite like pink. It's It's the essence of all things girly (although men can rock this color too). 

What it means; If your closet is full of pink, you have a strong connection to your feminine side. Fans of pink tend to be positive and nurturing.   

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Known for its connection to royalty, purple is considered a regal color. Many creatives are linked to this color. 

What it means: Those who connect with purple tend to focus on spirituality and dreams. This introspective color is linked to those who strongly seek the meaning of life and spiritual fulfillment.


What color do you wear most often? Was the description accurate for you? Let me know in the comments or join the conversation on my Instagram!  

If your color wasn't listed or you'd like to learn more about the psychology of colors, check out ColorPsychology.Org


Photography: Thanks again, Mom!