5 Perfect Gifts

We were just at the table eating turkey and now it's time to wrap gifts?? Yes, Christmas is approaching at full speed (less than 20 days). If you're not prepared, don't panic. Use this gift guide to get you started.  


5 Gifts Every Millennial Will Thank You For This Christmas


1. Tickets



Get creative with this and tailor it to their interests. This could be concert tickets, a season pass to their favorite theme park, seats to a football game, or even tickets to a comedy show. This gift is unexpected, but will definitely get you a huge thank you.

2.  Netflix


You can't Netflix & Chill without Netflix. If the millennial on your list doesn't have this yet, they probably want it. For a generation of binge watchers, Netflix is the perfect companion. Other subscription services like Hulu are great options for this category.  

3. Portable Battery


Texting, streaming, and scrolling ultimately leads to dead batteries. We've all seen or been that person scanning the room for the nearest wall outlet. End their desperate room scans with a portable battery! There are tons of these in various colors, sizes, and battery power. This one from Mophie is compact enough to fit on a key chain. Plus it's on sale for just $15!    

3. Food 

We like to eat, but we don't always like to cook. That's where your amazing gift comes in. Give your favorite millennial a gift card to that restaurant they're obsessed with. This gift is incredibly useful and they'll think about you every time they use it. A $40 Chick-fil-A card can go a long way. 

4. Subscription Boxes 

Photo credit: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/

Photo credit: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/

Subscription boxes are great ways to try new products and brands. While Birchox is pictured above, there are boxes for every interest: natural hair, food, books, cologne, and more! Choose a number of months or commit to a whole year of tailored services. 


5. Money

Last, but definitely not least...Money! You cannot go wrong with this one. It's the gift that never gets old and causes instant smiles. They can save it, spend it, love it, and love you for it. 

I hope this list helps you kick off your holiday shopping! What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below! 

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