Paired Prints

I was shopping at the Harborplace H&M when I found this blazer in the sale section for just $10. I had to get it because:

1. $10...ten dollars...TEN dollars. 

2. I've never owned a white blazer, and now that there's one in front of me, I cannot go on not owning one. 

3. Blazers have transformative powers. Put one on and you'll instantly look more put together. Fact.



I matched the blazer with a basic black top and dark denim. It's a pretty simple outfit; the leopard print adds some fun to it. My favorite part of this outfit is the headscarf (which is actually a duster). It started off around my waist, but I didn't like the way it photographed. I quickly switched things up and loved this look even more. 



This worked to my advantage because I no longer had to worry about how my hair was holding up in the rain. It's hard to tell from these pictures, but it was a cloudy day full of downpours. Scarves and hats are perfect for days like this.


The scarf complimented my shoes and allowed me to wear gold jewelry, which you know by now, is my favorite. 



Top: Forever 21

Blazer: H&M

Jeans: The Nicki Minaj Collection

Duster Turned Headscarf: Marshalls

Shoes: Vans 

Jewelry: Forever 21


Mom, you were my photographer, mirror, umbrella, and source of sanity on this shoot. Thank you.