Mikey's Miracle Foundation

Jade Merritt is a Baltimore native with many titles. She is a blogger (Charm City Pretty), a proud Delta, a Towson University graduate and a Microbiologist. In January, 2016, Jade lost her mother Michal Merritt, affectionately known as Mikey, to cancer. Her mother's passing inspired her to add some new titles to her lineup: Founder and President. Instead of letting her loss break her, she let it inspire her to build. She took her insight from her mother's cancer journey, focused on the everyday needs of cancer patients, and aimed to cater to those needs with the creation of Mikey's Miracle Foundation. 

On October 23, 2016, Jade’s supporters gathered to celebrate the official launch of Mikey’s Miracle Foundation. Guests gathered at the stunning Ivy Hotel dressed in their best cocktail attire. 


A live jazz band serenaded guests as they explored all the beauty Hotel Ivy had to offer. String lights cascaded over the spacious courtyard where attendees sipped wine and snacked on hors d'oeuvres.


Board of Directors Krystle Myers, Joseph Edmonds, Arnette Dorsey, and Linette Ball were all in attendance. Jade, dressed in a fabulous white ensemble, smiled and greeted her guests. Jade felt, “The best gift I could give to my mom was to be a blessing to someone else.” It was that positivity that shined a bright light all evening - a light that could be seen in the staff, felt in the music, shared through conversation, and heard in every speech.


Cancer survivor, Trina Isaac, captured the crowd with her story of perseverance. She was transparent about her struggles, how she overcame them, and her colostomy. Trina reminded us that no matter what life throws at us, our point of view determines how we are impacted. She told us, “You have to live, because Cancer is not a death sentence.” Trina is living, not simply surviving. She is a Johns Hopkins employee, Hope Project ambassador, member of Osto Beauty, a mother, a model, and an inspiration to anyone who hears her speak. Her life motto is to “make memories on purpose”.

Trina (pictured right)

Trina (pictured right)

Memories are exactly what Jade aims to create with Mikey’s Miracle Foundation. In November, Jade’s organization will provide a Thanksgiving meal to homes with patients undergoing chemo treatment. This service relieves families from hectic holiday preparation and grants them free time to truly enjoy the holidays. Belinda Prattis, owner of Dinner on Demand, partnered with Jade to ensure families receive delicious meals. 

Jade knows the importance of Thanksgiving catering firsthand; it was provided for her family when her mother was in treatment. She was comforted when a holiday meal was sent to her home. “I could just spend time and enjoy important moments with her,” Jade shared. Because chemotherapy patients invest large sums of money into treatment, Jade wants to ensure that Thanksgiving dinner has no cost. In addition to Thanksgiving meals, the foundation will provide weekly meal preparation when needed.

Photo via Jerri Marie Photography

Photo via Jerri Marie Photography

After feeding the body, Jade aims to feed the soul. Faith in God was a common thread that looped through all of the evening’s speeches. It’s also something Mikey was well known for. “My mom was a very spiritual woman. She knew that bible front to back,” Jade said. In honor of her mother, Jade provides Cancer patients and families with counseling services and pastoral guidance. Jade shared, “If you share the same beliefs, we want to provide some kind of counseling to speak to that spiritual need."

The final initiative of Mikey’s Miracle Foundation is to offer transportation services. Chemotherapy often leaves patients exhausted. Having a guaranteed ride home after appointments adds some ease to the process. 

Mikey’s Miracle Foundation takes a holistic approach to assisting cancer patients. The slogan “one family, one cure” encompasses the desire to not only support patients, but their families too. To help create memories by volunteering or fund miracles with donations, visit Mikey’s Miracle foundation online at MikeysMiracleFoundation.Org.