Graffiti Alley


It has been H-O-T in Baltimore lately and I know other cities are feeling it too. My key to survival in this heat is skin. I show as much as I can without crossing that fine line into risqué territory.  

I decided on this black racerback dress and accessorized with grey tones. I wanted to create a chill, laid back look to match my location.


Don't you love this spot? Welcome to Graffiti Alley! 

You can find it tucked away between North Avenue and Howard Street. This is the sole place in Baltimore where graffiti artists can create without the fear of penalty. The result is this ever changing canvas of expression. Every inch, including the ground, is covered with colorful quotes, characters, and symbols.

I learned that Graffiti Alley wasn't always so welcoming for artists. Mark Sherwin's Load Of Fun building formed the walls of the alley. While he welcomed graffiti writers, the Baltimore Police Department did not. For months, government officials pushed Mark to paint over the graffiti and he pushed back for the right not to. 


Impressed with his freedom of speech argument, the city agreed to allow graffiti within the alley. Mark agreed to remove paintings that appeared anywhere else on the block. Thus, Graffiti Alley (as we now know it) was born and accepted.    

After seeing so many pictures, it was cool to finally see Graffiti Alley in person. If you've never been, it's worth the trip!

If you loveeee Graffiti Alley and want to see more photos, you can click here to check out the gallery. 


Dress: Forever 21

Sweater: New York & Company

Hat & Earrings: Laila Rowe  

Shoes: Call It Spring  

Choker: Claire's  

Monogram Necklace: Moon & Lola

Photography: eu-IV

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