Glam & Grime


I'm always on the lookout for a new backdrop these days. A color blocked wall is likely to break my neck haha. The hunt is real. I saw this spot from the light rail and knew I had to shoot here. I wanted to create images that balanced a little glam and a little grime. I knew right away this would be the perfect spot.


This abandoned is train right along the street and isn't far from the Streetcar Museum. It's definitely cool to see if you're into graffiti. Broken glass and sharp metal make it just a tiiiiny bit dangerous. My mom switched from photographer mode to full mom mode in the picture below. Apparently I was too close to the glass; she told me to be careful and asked me about my tetanus shots lol. 


These jeans are the most comfortable pair I own. Their high wasted design only makes me love them more. Instead of pairing them with a basic top, I chose a sparkly one. It brought the glam I wanted and the crop I love. Because the sequins were loud, I kept everything else muted. 


I'm a fan of layered looks, so I added this black duster. Dusters are great. They bring drama, warmth, layers, and length. They also look like capes when the wind blows haha. This black one completed my look and kept me comfortable in the cooler Fall temperature.  


I stuck with simple silver jewelry and added a bandanna to keep my hair back. 


Photography: Thanks, Mom ❤️