Girl Power?


I recently wrote about the psychology of colors, so you already know what vibe I'm going for with this all pink look. I'm wearing pink + pink + more pink for a look that's playful and undoubtedly feminine. I got dolled up in this crushed velvet dress and paired it with a beret and faux fur. I love the contrast of textures and tones here. There was lots of twirling on this shoot because 1. It was cold and 2. My love for A line baby doll dresses runs deep. 

Dress: Forever 21 | Faux Fur: Shop Ten Event | Beret: Local Beauty Supply | Earrings: H&M

With this super girly look, I figured it was only right to infuse some girl power into this post. Sorry guys, but sometimes, women just do it better! There's a long list of things I could put in this post, but here are a few interesting ones. 

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Women have better senses than men. 

"According to researcher Israel Abramov of the City University of New York, women have a much more finely tuned ability to see slight variations in color than men do—which is why no straight men know what “mauve” or “taupe” are, but all women do. Women also have a superior sense of hearing and can distinguish between different scents far better than men can."

Women can tolerate more pain...duh

"After all, they have to endure the equivalent of a bowling boll popping out of their vagina every time they give birth. But an episode of the show MythBusters proved that women can hold their hands in freezing water 19% longer than those crybaby men."

Women are better at handling stress

"Researchers at the University of Western Ontario concluded that women are far better than men at handling the stress of job interviews. Female brains also secrete more oxytocin—AKA the “cuddle hormone”—than male brains, making women calmer under fire than men are."
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Women have better immune systems

"A study by McGill University indicated that estrogen gave women an edge when it came to fighting off infections. The hormone produced by the female reproductive system confronts a certain enzyme that hinders the body's first line of defense against bacteria and viruses."

Fact: Women are amazing.

Fact: Amazing women live in a male dominated world.

We live in a world where men make laws regulating what women can and can't do with their bodies.

We live in a world where men get larger paychecks, simply for being men.

We live in a world where a woman can get raped and be blamed for the violation in court.

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Girl power is real, but so is the male advantage. We're making strides, but still have a long way to go before girl power is a full reality in society.

As women, we must keep pushing forward. Support the women around you and build them up. While one woman is powerful, a group of women is unstoppable. We'll all have to work together to get what's rightfully ours.

As always, I'm rooting for you.

❤ Keierra 

Photography: Thanks Mom! 

aka Mama Shot Ya


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