Fro & Glow


Having a hard time whipping your curls into shape? I've been there. These are the products that never let me down.  


Dealing with dark spots? Need help with your Summer glow? These are the multipurpose cosmetics I rely on. 



Every natural girl needs a good Leave-In Conditioner; this one is mine. It's lightweight, smells lovely, and makes tangles melt out of my strands with ease.  

PRICE: $13

I love all things Shea Moisture, but love is an understatement for this one. It leaves my hair super soft and manageable. I leave it on for 30 minutes and my hair is ready to bounce back from all the stress, color or heat of the week.  


This gel has been a part of my hair regimen for years. Twist outs, braid outs, flexi rods, perm rods...any time I need hold, I reach for this. Every style I do with this gel lasts for at least 4 days. Eco Styler comes in various colors, but  green is my favorite. The pink version doesn't mix well with other products (leaves a white residue) and has a different consistency. 

PRICE: $6 Per pack

Step away from the curling wand and pick up a Flexi Rod. Your hair will thank you. Rods come in a variety of lengths and widths to create your ideal curl or wave pattern. 



Because of my darker complexion, I've had a hard time finding foundations in drugstores. I love this L'oreal line because it categorizes according to shade and undertone. It's lightweight, builds nicely, and gives great coverage. I can wear this without concealer and not have to worry about dark spots. 

I'm also a fan of Maybelline's dream matte mousse & liquid mousse. if you're my complexion, you'd be Coca Dark 3. 

PRICE: $40

I reach for this palette whenever I want to highlight, contour, or conceal. I've had this in my beauty kit for about a year and I'm just starting to reach the bottom. I love how long it lasts, so it's definitely worth the investment. 

PRICE: $46

This Bronze Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown delivers the perfect Summer glow. It's a bit pricey, but it's definitely worth it. I've had it for months now, but it still looks new because a little goes a long way. Each individual color gives a gorgeous sheen. I use this for my highlight and it doubles as an eye shadow palette. 

I used all of the mentioned cosmetics for this look.

FRO: I did a braid out on stretched hair with As I Am Leave In Conditioner and used Eco Styling Gel for hold. I did a total of 10 braids and put Flexi Rods at each end.

GLOW: All of the cosmetics pictured were used for this look. 

I hope this review was helpful. If you have any product suggestions or reviews, please comment below! I'd love to hear from you.