Florals for Fall

We've been bouncing back and forth between hot and cold temperatures lately. I never know what to expect, so I can't leave the house without checking the forecast. Over the weekend, Baltimore had amazing weather and lots of sunshine. 

The warm temperature gave me the perfect opportunity to wear this lightweight jumpsuit. Jumpsuits and rompers are amazing pieces to have in your closet. They're an effortless way to get dressed. Remember this romper? I still swoon over the crochet and bell sleeves. I broke down my favorite and not so favorite things about one pieces in that post. 

The soft colors of this jumpsuit reflect the warm, Summer like temperatures of the weekend. I love how the flowers almost look like watercolor paint. I wore gold jewelry, as I do 90% of the time. My necklace and earrings had the perfect shades of pink in them to match my jumpsuit. 

I chose these tan Schutz heels to compliment the gold jewelry. They're the tallest heels I own and really make a statement. I got them for free! Click here to see how.  


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