Falling For Fringe

The fringe trend swings in to take another round in the fashion cycle. Fringe is versatile and can be worn for all seasons, but my favorite times for fringe are Fall and Winter. 

When it comes to wearing fringe, don't overdo it, but definitely do it. I'm sharing some fabulous ways to incorporate fringe into your Fall/Winter wardrobe. Keep scrolling for some color coded fringe inspiration.



Okay, I want everything in this white category. Desperately. These selections look crisp and chic. 



Wearing fringe in this soft shade brings femininity to any outfit. These picks are perfect for the girly girl. 


We typically see fringe in earth tones like this. Browns are the safest and most classic category in fringe. 


If you're feeling bold, this category will match your vibe. These are fun pieces that will make your outfit pop. 


Green is an unexpected color for fringe. This section makes a statement without being too loud. 


I love blue, especially in these shades. This vibrant color will liven up your Fall/Winter wardrobe perfectly. 


When in doubt, go with black. This section looks very sophisticated and on trend. 

Fringe is a fun style that constantly reinvents to stay contemporary. You can dive deep into the world of fringe with a layered coat or tip toe with a tassel on your bag. Click here to see how I wore fringe recently.