Jewelry Stand & Decoarative Bottles

Tiered jewelry stands are a really cute way to organize and display jewelry. Buying one is easy, but so is making one! 


I went to Goodwill and chose some glass pieces for my jewelry holder. Goodwill is the best option because 1. It's inexpensive, and 2. If you mess up, it won't be a major waste of money. I paid less than $5 for all my pieces. 



You will need: 

1. Spray Paint

2. Assorted plates/bowls and candle sticks. 

3. Gloves

4.  A glue gun & glue sticks 

 This project is easy and the results are so beautiful. 


1. Spray each item with a few coats of paint. Allow some drying time between coats. 

2. After your paint is dry, assemble your jewelry stand. 

3. Glue your pieces in place. Hold the pieces securely while the glue dries. 

4. Stand in admiration of your gorgeous new creation. 


Use them for flowers or as decorative pieces 


You will need: 

1. Bottles

2. Gloves

3. Spray Paint

4. Tape or a Hot Glue Gun (These are optional. The color alone will give your bottles a cool look, but tape and glue take your designs up a notch) 


Create a design on your bottles using tape or a hot glue gun. The tape will peel off to create cool geometric shapes. The glue will reveal a raised design. 


Coat your bottles with spray paint and let them dry. Peel off the tape and you're done! 


TIPS: How to make yours better than mine

1. Test out your design with the glue a few times on paper. I had trouble with the glue, so my design wasn't as clean as I would've liked. 

2. Cut the edges off of the tape before making your design. I completely forgot, so I have the zigzag edges on my bottle. 


Even with the mistakes, I'm still happy with the results! 

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