Denim on Denim

denim jumpsuit 1

I've shared my love for rompers and jumpsuits before, so this look is no surprise. When I spotted this denim one piece at Shop Ten, I knew I had to have it. I added a light denim hat to play with tones and complete my look. This makes it matchy without being too matchy-matchy, ya know?

My hat has "dream on" stitched to the front. I love this text because it can be taken multiple ways. 

  1. Sassy: You want my number? Nah. Dream on...
  2. Inspirational: I have big goals/ dreams for my life. Dream on..
  3. Tired: I'm the queen of naps. Dream on...

You get the idea. With this cute romper and hat, getting dressed was so easy. Let's talk about what's not easy though. Growing up/ adulting/ millennial-ing. However you choose to phrase it, it ain't easy.  

denim hat

We're in this weird stage where we're learning who we are, clarifying who we want to be, and editing lists of what we want. We're balancing relationships, school, finances, and so much more. It's a tricky time, but can be amazing with the right guidance. I've rounded up some great advice for surviving and thriving in your 20's. Let's dive right in. 

denim jumpsuit 2

All About The Verbs

"Go. Do. Be. Your life should be about the verbs." Tangela Ekhoff

denim hat 2

Stay True To You

"Don't buy into what others may prescribe for you: go after your passions. Don't be afraid to make that cold call, speak up in a meeting, or try something that scares you every now and then. Ask for what you want and you will get there a lot sooner than you think!"

denim jumpsuit 4

Take Chances

"The possibility for greatness and embarrassment both exist in the same space. If you're not willing to be embarrassed, you're not willing to be great. The biggest risk of our twenties would be never taking any risks at all."

denim jumpsuit 3

Learn To Forgive

"Forgive yourself. Kicking yourself over past failures won't change what happened, it will just leave you sore from being kicked so much. Give up all hope for a better past. Own who you have been so it doesn't own you." Business Insider

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Change When Neccessary

If you finally get a job, and you're not happy, work to change that shit immediately. Spending your entire work week being unhappy just because it pays the bills will not make you happy." Business Insider 

denim jumpsuit 5

Choose The Right Crowd

"The people you choose to surround yourself with can, and often do, sway your behavior, sometimes preventing you from reaching your full potential. You need to surround yourself with people who are constantly pushing themselves for the better." 

denim jumpsuit 6

Financial Literacy

"Debt is a reality for most young adults. But letting it linger - or worse, grow - can set you back for years to come in the form of greater interest payments and lower credit scores. For your student loans, be sure you have a good repayment plan in place."

Who do you go to for advice? What's the best advice you've been given?


Jumper: Shop Ten

Hat: Mad Rag

Sandals: Marshalls

Necklace: Baublebar

Hoops & Braid Cuffs: Local beauty supply store


Photography: Mom, you da best.