5 Fun Buns

Protective styles can get boring, but they don't have to be. Buns are my go to protective style and I like to have fun with them. Here are some of my favorite ways to spice them up. 


Fun & Fast


1. Rolled Bun

This bun gives more height and fullness than a typical ballerina bun. Instead of wrapping your hair in a circle, pull it all forward, roll it, then tuck it. 

2. Twisted Layers Bun

Pull all your hair forward after securing it into a ponytail. Hold your hair out in front of you and twist it all tightly to one direction. As you twist, guide your hair so it overlaps. Do as many layers as you'd like, but 3 is the perfect number for me.  

3. Braided Bun 

This bun is similar to #2, except you'll be braiding instead of twisting. After creating your braid, wrap and layer it as many times as you'd like. 

4. Space Buns 

You've probably seen me with this style before. It's easy, cute, and makes a statement. After creating two ponytails, I roll my hair forward, and secure with pins. 

5. Double Low Buns 

This one reminds me of Starwars, but is still pretty cute. I used the same steps for #4, except I rolled my hair under. Wear a wide brimmed hat with this style and I promise you'll love it. 

I add Kanekalon Braiding Hair so my buns are super full. If you have short hair, this is the perfect hack to get the volume you need! 

I hope you'll spice up your bun routine with one of these styles!