Bow Tie Top

So...have you ever gone shopping, bought something, put it in your closet, and had it fade into the deep dark abyss of the unappreciated section in your closet? Well, that's the story behind this top. I found it mixed in with the pile of clothes I never wear. I've had this top for years! I blew the dust off and slipped into this cute bow top for the first time. 

This top  is a little reveling, so I went with a longer skirt to balance things out. As I mentioned in my previous post, bodycon skirts are an easy way to add femininity to an outfit. The longer the length, the more feminine your ensemble. 

I accessorized my look with black and gold jewelry. This is my favorite color combination when it comes to jewelry. Do I have enough? Probably. Will I still buy more? Probably. 

I love how this hat ties all the colors together. I don't know what it is, but floppy hats really make a girl feel fierce! Black shoes would've matched perfectly, but I went with nude instead. It's a little less expected and still compliments my color scheme nicely. 


BLAZER: Forever 21

TOP: Patapsco Flea Market

SKIRT: Marshalls

SHOES: Jessica Simpson

HAT: Laila Rowe

RING & BRACELETS: Forever 21


Photography: Mom, you're getting really good at this.

Hair & Makeup: Me