Black Jumpsuit


These days when I'm shopping, I don't know if I should be buying sweaters or sundresses. Ok, maybe that's a little dramatic, but it's not normal for the weather to go from 60 degrees to 30 degrees the way it has been. I mention the weather often in my blog posts because it directly impacts what I wear. On cold days, my mom used to ask me, "Do you wanna be cute or warm?" Those days I hated big coats, so I chose cute. These days I try to choose both. 


In an effort to be cute and warm on one of Baltimore's cool days, I wore this jumpsuit from Zara. This jumpsuit stopped me in my tracks when I was in the store. The wide leg design was way too cute for me to leave behind. 


To make sure I stayed warm, I layered my fleece lined leggings underneath the jumpsuit. Fleece lined leggings are a Godsend and I can't survive a winter season without them. Charlotte Russe has really great ones in a wide range of colors. They're usually $12 or less, which is a no brainier. Warm legs all season for just $12? Duh. 


Now that my legs were covered, I had to cover my arms. I had black shirts I could've worn, but really wanted to compliment the red detailing. While I didn't have the right style of red shirt, I did have some red tights. I instantly remembered an old video I watched on It's My Raye Raye's channel. She shared how to turn any pair of leggings or tights into a top. You simply cut the foot area off to make arm holes. Then you cut a curved C shape in the crotch area to create a neckline (why does the word "crotch" sound so gross?) Turn that thang unpside down and you've got yourself a customized crop top! 


I added my favorite wedged sneakers from Aldo and was ready to go. I was happy with the way this look turned out. I felt cute, warm, and comfortable, which is all I can ask for. 


Shop my Zara jumpsuit here.  

Want to watch the tutorial for turning tights into a top?  Click here.