Affordable Matte Lipstick Haul

I know matte lipstick has been the wave for a while, but I'm still a gloss girl. Now I'm jumping on the late train and giving matte a chance. Before going to high brands, I like to play around and experiment with lower end products. I'm really into nudes/browns right now, so I went to my local beauty supply store and found a variety of shades. All of them were under $6!

KISS Professionals New York | Celeste Matte Liquid Lipstick | Brownie (KMLS12)

affordable brown matte lipsticks 4

This color is the most unique of the three. The brownish orange shade is bold without being too in your face.  

Food & Drink Test |  60%  


nk Makeup | Whipped Lipgloss | Coyote (NKC03)

affordable brown matte lipsticks 3

I've never used this brand before, but I decided to give it a shot. I love how well this shade pops with the brown liner. You'll have to take my word for it because it doesn't show as clearly in the photos. While I like the color, I'm not a fan of the texture. It's pretty sticky, even after it dries. 

Food & Drink Test | 60%

NICKNACK New York | 24 HR Lip Color | Chocolate (NDL10)

affordable brown matte lipsticks 2

This one is my favorite to wear. The name "Chocolate" is accurate because it's the perfect chocolaty shade. I've been dying to find a color like this after obsessing over Ryan Destiny. There's a moisturizing stick on one end and a lipstick on the other. Matte lipsticks are known to be drying, so this is perfect. I love it and you'll definitely see me wearing this one a lot! 

Food & Drink Test | 70%

After this experiment, I'm still a gloss girl, but I'm definitely a fan of mattes now too! I'll be switching it up more often.

These were all under $6, so my expectations weren't too high. Minus the sticky texture from the Coyote matte, I'm pretty happy with them. 

affordable brown matte lipsticks 5

Which color is your favorite? What's your favorite low-end brand?