90s Baby

I've never been to California, but I know that I absolutely must go one day because I have to experience Coachella. I was wandering around H&M's Coachella section thinking about the festival's signature looks when I saw this shirt. I couldn't go to Coachella, but I could identify with this "Born In The 90s" tee and quickly grabbed my size.  

I'm a little biased, but the culture of 90's was pretty great! We were given classic tv shows like The Fresh Prince, timeless R&B music like "I Will Always Love You", hip hop anthems like "Hypnotize", and last but not least...Dunkaroos. Dunkaroos were a heavenly snack: cinnamon graham crackers we could happily dip into rainbow sprinkled frosting. 





Over all this is a pretty simple outfit with subtle influences from my favorite decade. I tied a plaid shirt around my waist as a nod to 90's grunge. It's cool to see how this trend has circled around and is popular once again. Chokers are another circling trend; there are lots of modern styles for formal and casual wear.  I opted for the classic version to stay true to my 90s theme.  


These wedge sneakers are pretty comfortable and add a fun pop of color to my outfit. 


Comment below to join me in the 90s nostalgia! What's your favorite thing about the 90s?



Top: H&M

Pants: Dots

Rings: Aldo

Choker: Claire's

Studs: Laila Rowe

Sneakers: Aldo

Photography: Thanks Mom :) 

Hair & Makeup: Me